Mon., Feb. 13

1. Math – Do pages 489-490 and study subtraction facts in columns 2 and 3. There will be a test on the money section of chapter 7 and column 2 and 3 subtraction facts the week of Feb. 27.

2. S.S.- Do SSPB page 30.  There will be a unit 3 test the week of Feb. 27.

3.  Reading- Study unit 4 week 3 vocabulary words for selection test on Thursday.

Tues., Feb. 14

NO HOMEWORK!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wed., Feb. 15

1.  Math- pages 501-502

2.  Reading- In the literature anthology, reread Dear Primo: A letter to My Cousin and study vocabulary for unit 4 week 3 selection test tomorrow.

3. Religion- Review how to go to confession and study Mass responses.

Thurs., Feb. 16

1. Math- Do pages 507-508 and study subtraction facts in columns 2 and 3.

2. ELA- In the ELA notebook, write a paragraph titled My Favorite _________. Fill in the blank in the title. Remember to write your title correctly, indent, write a main idea sentence, details, and a closing sentence. Use capital letters and punctuation correctly. Always proofread your work. Your paragraph should have 5-6 sentences.

3. Reading- Work on the Jan. /Feb. book report.

Fri., Feb. 17

No homework!!!!  No school next week. ENJOY!!!!

Notices and Reminders:

1.  On Tuesday, you should bring in an extra snack and drink for a Valentine celebration. The children may bring in Valentine cards for their classmates.  Please do not send in goody bags.  

2. Jan. /Feb. book report is due on Feb. 28.