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President Donald Trump, in possibly his
biggest win to date as the Chief Executive, celebrated Neil Gorsuch's ceremonial
swearing-in to the Supreme Court at the
White House



The 7th Grade visited historic Philadelphia on Wednesday May 24 and learned about the days of the Continental and Constitutional Congresses first hand.  We had a terrific day and want to say thanks to all our parents who helped make this trip happen!



Middle School Homework Page

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Middle School Writing Standards:
HFRS Social Studies Writing Rubric.pdf


                            8th Grade 

Final Exam is set for Monday May 22, 2017

Subject matter:  

8th Grade Lexicon Word List for Final Exam on 052217.pdf

Essay section of the final exam considers the New Deal.

Students may bring in the completed outline form they were given in class to help write the 5 paragraph essay.

Was the New Deal a Good Deal?


HFRS 8th Grade Final Exam Essay New Deal a Good Deal requirements

HFRS 8th Grade Final Exam New_Deal_essay resources.pdf

7th Grade 

7th Grade Final Exam is set for Friday June 9th

7th Grade Lexicon Word List and Essay Writing Prompt for Final Exam

Can Words Lead To War?
NYS Inquiry Poster and Seminar Project

NewYork_7_Uncle Toms Cabin student copy.docx

NewYork_7_Westward_Migration student.docx

6th Grade

6th Grade Final Exam is set for Friday June 9th

6th Grade Lexicon Word List and Writing Prompt for Final Exam

Why Was the Caliphate of Córdoba
a Success?




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