6th Grade Homework
Week of October 15th

Math: No class today due to IOWA testing/ Stars and Stripes Worksheet due Wednesday
​- Study gods and goddesses (god of ... and symbols only).
Science -  finish questions from speed walking lab #5-7
SS - Use your online textbook and the internet to complete your make your own country research notes.pdf worksheet - due Wednesday
Spanish -  Brainstorm ideas for writing. 

Math: Complete worksheets on adding and subtracting fractions
ELA - Grammar p. 239-240.  Study gods.
SS  - See Monday
Science - due Thursday- give example and non-examples of 6 vocabulary words

Math: Complete Worksheet: Find the sums and differences page 29 questions 1 - 16 ( work can be completed on worksheet)
ELA ​- Align Ch. 6 of the LT with the HJ.  Study gods for quiz Fri.
Science - no class- vocabulary work due tomorrow
SS - No class due to IOWAS
Religion -
Spanish - Question #2 of writing. 

Math :No homework/ no class due to IOWA Testing
ELA - Finish quote alignment paragraph for Ch. 7 and study for quiz on gods tomorrow.
Science - no homework- doing velocity lab
SS - See Monday's assignment - due in class tomorrow
Religion - Finish p. 54.

Math: Have a great weekend!
ELA - Grammar p. 239-240.
Science - enjoy the next 2 days off!
SS - None
Religion -