8th Grade Homework
Week of March 19th

Math-Worksheet page 265 questions 2 - 18 even problems and page 266 questions 2 - 22 even problems
​- Finish reading Ch. 28 and find examples of Lee building suspense.
Science - Friday's worksheet due tomorrow
vocabulary quiz next Tuesday
- Complete the 8th Grade Chapter 9 lesson 4 guided reading.pdf due tomorrow.
Religion-  no class: 9 AM Mass

Math: Multiplying  Polynomials page 74 questions 1 - 16/ Algebra: page 168 question #4 abcd
ELA - Vocab. Act. Sheet for Ch. 29-31 vocab.  Study def.
Science -  question #8 from today's activity - test for particle size of a solution 
SS - Snow day
Religion -  finish Forgiveness acrostic by Friday

Math: no class today/no homework 
ELA ​- Final draft of bio-poem due tomorrow.  Must be typed, centered and have a large font (fill the page).  Study for vocab. quiz on Ch. 29-31 tomorrow.
Science - no homework due to early dismissal
SS  - Complete the 8th Grade Chapter 9 Geography lindbergh.pdf worksheet due tomorrow
Religion - 

Math: no class/no homework
SS - Complete the 8th Grade Chapter 9 primary source harlem ren.pdf due tomorrow
Science -  study vocabulary
Religion -  FOrgiveness sheet due tomorrow

Math: Have a wonderful weekend!
ELA - Grammar p. 81-84.
Science - enjoy 2 days off! 
SS - Haaave a nice weekend!
Religion -