Welcome to Spanish Class grades Pre-K to 8th!!

Over the last several months students have been working so hard to improve on their Spanish speaking skills. For the new students coming into Holy Family Regional School for the first time Spanish has been quite exciting! In all grades from Pre-K-8th grade, I incorporate in every lesson speaking, reading, writing, and listening. These are the four core areas that are incorporated into the NYS Curriculum when learning a Foreign Language.

All students at Holy Family Regional School are ending the unit of Winter, "El Invierno" and various themes such as vocabulary, reading, and grammar relating to Winter. March will begin a new month of new and exciting vocabulary, culture, holiday in the United States as well as Spanish speaking countries, grammar, and other topics when learning a foreign language. New Spring vocabulary will be incorporated into writing compositions. Key words such as "Primavera", "Pascuas", "Huevos",  "Flores", etc. are taught on all levels - Pre-K to 8th grade. While working on grammar and vocabulary with the students on all grade levels I incorporate a project into the lesson as well. This will enhance a higher learning when learning new vocabulary and grammar.

6th, 7th, & 8th grades have been learning various irregular and stem changing verbs. These verbs are core when learning the first stages of a foreign language. Major verbs in foreign language will allow students to expand their vocabulary and writing skills.

Pre K - 5th grade are also working on "Spring" Vocabulary to incorporate into conversation and writing. I collaborated with the 5th grade class recently on the book "Esperanza Rising" and learning many new Spanish words. This allowed the 5th grade to further understand all chapters.

*Very exciting news -Our Spanish Club was a success, and the students learned a great deal about Spanish Culture. I truly loved working with my students on this project! Continued Success again with the Spanish club in the next school year!

ADIOS!   Ms. Elizabeth Archambault