Sixth Grade Computer Class

Inventor Scavenger hunt

Creating a Brochure

Camp Half-Blood

Ch. 5-8 of The Lightning Thief.  Be sure to include:

  • Camp director

  • The kind of campers that would benefit from membership

  • Description of property

  • Description of activities

  • Description of living conditions

  • Contact information

  • Picture or illustrations


Travel Project

Choose A Country
Decide on airfare Hotels and places to visit ..
Research for Facts about places to visit and take Pictures!

2 Postcards -pictures and facts about 2 places you visited
1 Journal including Pictures of your trip airfare, Hotels, or restaurants  can be added here

Christmas around the world Scavenger Hunt
Click link below

lick on Link Below to generate your QR Code
Make sure it is Website URL or You Tube Video if that's what you are linking.

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