Chemical Family Album
Many families keep family albums.  These usually contain photographs of family members and written descriptions of who the people in the photographs are and what they are doing.  You have decided to make a "family" album for chemical elements.
What to do
  • Choose two families from the periodic table to include in your album.  On a separate sheet of paper, make a list of the characteristics of these families and of the elements that belong to these families.
  • Study these characteristics and think of a way you could present them as part of a family album.  For example, to illustrate a characteristics of sodium, you could paste a picture of a beach into your album.  Your caption with description could read, "Me playing in the ocean".  (Sodium compounds are found in large amounts in sea water.)
  • Assemble your family album.  Include at least one drawing or picture fro each member of your family.  Be creative with your captions, but be sure to include the characteristics you are describing in parentheses.
  • Make sure to indicate which element belong to which family.
Group size
Individual or groups depending on which families you choose- must give me the names of the two families before a final decision is made.  NO SWITCHING FAMILIES (COLUMNS) AFTER GIVEN TO ME!
Grading:  attached rubric
Created on 1/13/2011 - Last updated on 1/21/2014