Connect Three
Connect Three
Draw a line and complete the activities that your line crosses.
     #1, 2, 3 go across top  #4, 5, 6,go across middle  #7, 8, 9 go across bottom
     #1, 4, 7 down left   #2, 5, 8 down middle   #3, 6, 9 down right
     # 1, 5, 9 and   #3, 5, 7 diagonals
1.  Using your notebook,write a newspaper article about your topic.  Include at least six details.  Don't forget the headline.
2.  Write a letter to a distant relative telling them what you are learning about your topic.  Include at least five facts.  Fill at least one page.
3.  Write a how-to paragraph about your topic.  Include at east five facts.
4.  Create a picture book.  Draw pictures describing your topic with text.  Include at least six facts.
5.  Draw a cartoon about your topic.  Include at least eight boxes and five facts.  Be sure to include character, setting, and a plot.
6.  Make a poster containing at least five facts about your topic.
7.  Organize your topic into a quilt square.  Write the topic in the middle and complete the side triangle with facts.
8.  Draw a circle and write your topic in the middle.  Web out as many facts as possible.
9.  Create a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting your topic with another topic.  Include at least ten different facts.
Created on 9/5/2008 - Last updated on 6/25/2013