Physical Science Newsletter
Physical Science Newsletter
Welcome to the science newsletter. Your task is to create a physical science newsletter. You will be assigned to a team of 3 or 4 students. Each team will have one area of life science to investigate. You and your team of scientific experts are going to research a variety of informational resources such as Internet sites, the library, books, and any other media like radio or TV and collect interesting science news in your field. Your work will be graded using the rubric provided.
Science Teams' Task
Each team must write at least one informational article from their scientific field in their own words.  You need to list your resource even a web site.
Each team must cover two of the following newsletter items:
a riddle, a cartoon, a science book, movie, or TV show review.
Each team must include 3 tools of the trade and explain their purpose.
Science Terms
Physicist                                       Chemist
Electrical engineer                          Photographer
Nuclear scientist                            Aerodynamics
Environmental scientist
Scoring Rubric
Punctuality                                    20 points
Content of article                          20 points
Entertainment (2 articles)                20 points
Graphics (3 tools)                           15 points
Overall neatness
 (layout & writing)                           10 points
Mechanics (spelling)                       10 points
Sources cited                                  5 points
                     Total                        100 points
Created on 9/9/2009 - Last updated on 6/25/2013