Physical Science Standing Cube
You are to complete two sides of the cube with information relating to the 2 subjects involved in physical science...chemistry and physics.

One side of the cube should explain the topic while the other show applications or uses of the topic in our lives. You MUST have at least 5 uses.

How to make the cube:
  • Using 2 sheets of the same size paper, fold each one in half.  Make one side longer than the other forming a tab.
  • Place glue on the 2 tabs and join with a non-folded edge of the other papers.
  • Allow glue to dry before continuing your project.
You may work in a group of 4.
Due Date:  Sept. 27
Explanation of chemistry                               10 points
Explanation of physics                                  10 points
Applications of chemistry                              15 points (3 points each)
Applications of physics                                 15 points ( 3 points each)
Layout                                                         20 points
Mechanics-spelling, grammar                        10 points
Neatness                                                     10 points
Completed on time                                       10 points
TOTAL                                                        100 points
Created on 9/15/2010 - Last updated on 6/25/2013