8th Grade Homework
Week of October 15th

Math: no homework / Algebra: Section 2.8 questions 1 - 10 and section B 1 - 5/Section 2.9 questions 1 - 10/study for test on factoring for Wednesday
​- None
Science - no homework- finished religion test and activity
- Complete the 8th grade chapter 2 lesson 4 guided reading.pdf assignment - Due Wednesday
Spanish- Enjoy the day!

Math: Worksheets: Scientific Notation and Standard Notation / Algebra: study for test on factoring for tomorrow 
ELA - Text dependent questions for Part 2 of IOABA due Friday.
Science -  worksheet
SS - Reconstruction Essay due Friday - Use Google Docs
Religion -  no class: testing
Spanish Finish schedule worksheet

Math: Complete even questions 2 - 12 on Multiplying with Scientific Notation and even questions 2 - 12 Dividing with Scientific Notation/ Study formulas for quiz on Friday/ Algebra: no homework test today
ELA ​- See Tues.
Science - worksheet questions #6-10
SS  -  Reconstruction Essay due Friday - Use Google Docs
Religion - no class: Health
Spanish - Optional homework sheet to practice for the quiz on Monday.

Math: study for quiz on formulas tomorrow/ Algebra: Simplifying Radicals: page 659 questions 2 - 36
ELA - See Tues.
SS - Reconstruction Essay due tomorrow - Submit your work via Google Classroom
Science -  no homework - checking yesterday's activity
Religion - no class- testing

Math: Have a great weekend!
ELA - Grammar p. 267-270.
Science -  enjoy the next 2 days off!!
SS - Chapter 2 Exam on Tuesday