8th Grade Homework
Week of May 20th

Math: No homework Final today / Algebra: Regents ( January 26,2017) due Wednesday
​- Finish Ch. 6 ques. and one Ch. 5-6 discussion question for tomorrow.
Science - friction & gravity worksheet due Friday
SS - Final Exam is tomorrow, use notes, textbook and 8th grade chapter 11 reading essentials.pdf and 8th grade chapter 12 reading essentials.pdf to prepare.
Spanish- Study for the final (May 24)
Religion -  no class due to finals

Math: no class due to finals/ Algebra: Regents ( January 26, 2017) due tomorrow
ELA - Define vocab. for Ch. 7-9 of Night.  Study for final exam.
Science -  be working on worksheet
SS - None
Religion -  no class due to finals
Spanish  Study for the final (May 24)

Math: no class due to half day/ Algebra: no homework
ELA ​- Study for final exam.
Science - no homework
SS  -  None
Religion -  no class- half day
Spanish  Study for the final (Friday)

Math: no homework / Algebra: no homework
ELA - Answer Ch. 7 questions.  Study for final exam.
SS - None
Science -  worksheet due tomorrow
Religion -  no homework: working on project
Spanish-  Study for the final (tomorrow)

Math: Have a great week off!
Science -  enjoy the 2 days off!! 
SS - None