Mon., May 21- Please return signed test papers tomorrow.

1. Math – Do worksheet.  Study for chapter 11 test tomorrow.

2. S.S.- Do worksheet. There will be a test next week on unit 5.

3.  Reading – Work on the May/June book report.

Tues., May 22

1. Math – worksheet

2.  Grammar- page 143

3.  Religion- On the paper provided, write a letter to Jesus about your First Holy Communion.

Wed., May 23 – 11:10 dismissal- Confirmation at Christ the King

No homework!!!! 

Thurs., May 24

1.  Math- worksheet

2.  Spelling- Write page 141 words in ABC order.

3.  Reading – Work on the May/June book report.

 Notices and Reminders:

1.  Communions have begun.  If you are allowing your child to receive the Precious Blood at 9:00 Mass on Wednesdays, please send a note giving permission.  Some parents don’t allow their child to receive under both species. Thank you.

2.  Please continue to study addition and subtraction facts with your child.  It is imperative that the facts be fluent by the end of the year.  Multiplication facts are learned in third grade!!