*Important Information about Second Grade*


1. ABOUT YOUR CHILD - Please let me know about allergies, any health condition that may affect your child’s attitude or behavior in school, divorce or custody issues, family illness, etc.

2.  SACRAMENTS – Please contact your HOME PARISH to arrange for the reception of Penance and Eucharist.

3.  CELEBRATORY MASS – The Celebratory Mass is on Friday, June 7 at 1:00 PM at Christ the King Church. More info to follow.


Classwork - Incomplete work will be done at recess and at home, if necessary.

Homework - Students will be given a homework sheet each week. Homework should be done neatly and completely and should be signed by a parentPlease make homework a priority.

Tests - Tests will require students to study notes, review sheets, and textbook pages. Graded tests will usually be sent home on Mondays. You should go over any mistakes and then return signed tests the following day. I will be giving timed Math Sprints. Please study addition and subtraction facts every night.

Discipline -  Good behavior is rewarded with prizes given to those children who show kindness and cooperation. Good choice chips are used as a reminder to choose better behavior. Inappropriate behavior will result in time out at recess, punishment assignment, call home, visit with the principal, etc.

Uniform – Please send your child to school dressed according to the school uniform policy and label all your child’s clothing with his/her name, especially school sweatshirts.

Absences – Please call the nurse’s office to report your child absent. You MUST also send in a note with the date of absence and the reason.

Lateness- Children who arrive to school after 8 AM will be marked late. It is extremely important that your child arrive at school on time. Late students are a disruption to the class and it is difficult for a child to catch up with the lesson being taught.

Dismissal - You must send in a note if your child is not going home on the bus.  If I do not have a note, I MUST PUT YOUR CHILD ON THE BUS. If you pick up your child every day, please send in a note stating that. Please do not e-mail me about pick-up at dismissal as I don’t always check my e-mail during the school day.

Morning Snack - Please send in a nutritious, peanut-free snack each day including half days. Since there are children with food allergies, children are not allowed to share food.

Allergies- Children who have allergies may only eat food provided by their own parent. 

Birthdays - Children may celebrate their birthday with their class by bringing in cupcakes, munchkins, etc. No goody bags are allowed. Party invitations may not be distributed in class unless the entire class is invited. Children with allergies may store an extra special snack in the classroom closet so that when a birthday is celebrated he/she can have an extra treat that is safe to eat.

Class trips - If you would like to be a chaperone, please indicate it on each individual trip permission slip and your name will be put into a lottery. On some trips, the number of chaperones may be limited. Chaperones must be Virtus trained.

5. CONFERENCES – If you need to meet with me, please send in a note or send an e-mail to krenda5565@holyfamilyregional.com.